Interface Aesthetics 09 – Assignment 4

지난 주에 레이아웃 숙제 했던 것에 선과 면을 새로 적용해 보는 숙제.

숙제 내용

제출한 내용

Main 1) Line Poster
: Overall, I was attracted by the example of Brian Hoffer. I tried to create a feeling of cubic effect by introducing diagonal lines. Lines basically make distinctions between different meanings on the poster. On the other hand, however, lines distract audiences from focusing on the contents. I could not figure out how to balance these two effects.


Main 2) Shape Poster
: By using shapes instead of lines, I could better guide the flow of an audience’s eye. Shapes, in this case, make the contents on the poster more coherent by highlighting and connecting key terms. In terms of balance, the original poster was more weighted on the right side, while this shape poster achieved horizontal balance by putting black color on the left.